Frank R.

When my wife was admitted here years ago, I’d been given the opportunity to see the working of my local MediLodge. I felt they treated her fairly, were concerned for her well-being and improvement, and even showed plenty of concern to me regarding our situation. My experience during that time was wonderful and from there, ultimately led to me choosing MediLodge Of Midland when I needed to choose somewhere for myself to go.
I have been in and out of this Medilodge with my recent health history and given the opportunity it’s one facility I have been to that I would gladly return. The Nursing Staff and the CNA’s are all very kindhearted people. They treat me with respect, they are prompt, and I can tell they genuinely want the best for myself and the other residents here. The therapy staff here is one of the best I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. They make a point to push as hard as I can handle but never past that. They are wonderful at reading people’s limits and knowing when it’s time to take a break. They make a point to improve on our condition in the way WE as residents feel is most beneficial and works best for people individually.
The activities department has their hands full what with everything they offer the residents. They are consistently offering new options for residents to do, I’ve seen them do group outings, karaoke, bingo, they even had a choir group come in. There’s a place and a party for everyone.
The kitchen staff does a good job at making sure meals are prepared the way we like, that we know what our options are for meals ahead of time, and they don’t mind it when we make substitutions because they always have an Ala Carte menu to choose from if we don’t like the rotating menu.
My one most important thing that I feel people should know is that all the staff I have interacted with, every single one of them, does an incredible job at making all of us residents very comfortable and reassured even in the most embarrassing situations. Thank you everyone for all that you do.
-Frank Rivera
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